'Prayers For The Damned' Release Day is Here

SIXX:A.M. has officially unleashed their global release, Vol. 1 Prayers For The Damned, with its counterpart, Vol. 2, set to come out later this year. Vol. 1 has shot straight to #1 on the Australian iTunes Rock Chart on it’s first day out down under. The overarching message of the album? To open your eyes, stand up against the grain, and reject the status quo, which can clearly be reflected in the album’s call-to-action, empowering single, “Rise”, continuing to climb the Rock Charts at #6, and only rising. Putting their money where their mouths are, the band has proudly launched the #ReasonToRise Campaign, offering fans a forum to share their personal experiences. Fans can head here now to learn more. Using this week's recognition, the band has also chosen to bring awareness to YouTube's unfair artist compensation practices. YouTube is the #1 streaming platform for music and SIXX:A.M., along side other artists, want to ensure the future of musicians’ ability to earn a livelihood from their art. Read the band's open letter in full here and take a peek at their recent interviews with Forbes and CNBC earlier this week. 2016 is the year that SIXX:A.M. rises to the occasion, ready to bring their powerful message, and unparalleled musicianship across the globe, touring nonstop with bands including, Shinedown, Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, and many more. 
Produced and engineered by vocalist, James Michael, Vol.1 Prayers For The Damned is characterized by towering riffs and broad brushstrokes of melody. It’s also an album possessed of philosophically hopeful overtones. As showcased in the album’s artwork designed by guitarist, Dj Ashba, while there are cracks in the cement, an introspective look at the broken angel’s raised hands can suggest that there is hope for a better tomorrow. It is that very aspiration for a brighter future that enables the band to take on dark topics and channel these sentiments into optimism and urgency for fans of music to be the changes they want to see in the world. This is all reflected in their #ReasonToRise Campaign, an initiative launched around the band’s current single, “Rise”, as SIXX:A.M. continue to guide their fans to be critical of their surroundings. 
Their follow-up to Modern Vintage (2014), Vol. 1 Prayers For The Damned's 11 tracks “include some of the heaviest songs I’ve ever been involved with writing,” offered bassist, Nikki Sixx. Taking their heavy-hitting message on the road, fans can find the band kicking off the global festival circuit with a performance at Welcome to Rockville in Jacksonville, FL on April 30th. SIXX:A.M. will also be performing fan favorites, new and old, on the Vol.1 Prayers For The Damned tour cycle, which will include seven major rock festivals in Europe and a headlining tour beginning May 3rd in Nashville, TN. The band will also join the biggest rock arena tour of fall 2016 as special guests to co-headliners Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown, beginning October 18th in Little Rock, AR, see dates below. More dates are forthcoming. Read this week’s tour announcement here. The tickets for this highly-anticipated fall tour are on sale now - for more information on the band, the tour, and exclusive VIP packages, head to www.sixxammusic.com.

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