Amber VanBuskirk

Favorite SIXX:A.M. memory? All of us crowding around the TV to watch the Yahoo Livestream after one of our Chicago shows. We had seen a few videos fans had posted online but that was the first time we got to see what the show looked like from the audience’s perspective. Great bonding moment!

Favorite SIXX:A.M. song? “You Have Come To The Right Place” 

Something that people don’t know about you? I can tap dance!

Anything else to share? I studied voice and trained/performed in musical theater for over a decade. I sang in two short films, am a singer/songwriter with a new EP out now (iTunes & Spotify). Sixx:A.M. is my first touring gig and I could not be happier to be singing with them!  

Dustin Steinke

Favorite SIXX:A.M. memory? Playing Budokan in Japan with the guys! 

Favorite SIXX:A.M. song?  “When We Were Gods” 

Something that people don’t know about you? I was given the nickname “Zane”, and it has basically become my first name for the past 6 years. 

Anything else to share? I’ve been drumming since the age of 9, and have been playing at a professional level in the studio and touring for the past 5-6 years.

Melissa Harding

Favorite SIXX:A.M. memory? Probably our final show of the Modern Vintage Tour last April in Silver Spring, MD. It was emotional and powerful, and the audience was with us every second of the way. I remember singing on “The Heroin Diaries” all those years ago, watching that record get made. This band has come such a long way and I am beyond humbled and grateful to be a part of the journey.

Favorite SIXX:A.M. song?  “Belly Of The Beast”

 Something that people don’t know about you? Some people don’t know that I’ve known James Michael since I was 11 years old! Back then, he was my vocal director for a theater company I was a part of, and we have been friends ever since. Now I’m HIS vocal coach for all things Sixx:A.M. Pretty awesome!

Anything else to share? With an extensive background in Musical Theatre/Classical voice, I have been training singers and vocal directing in Los Angeles for the last decade. Other bands I have sung for include Motley Crue, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Youngblood Hawke. I’m also a singer/songwriter with multiple EP’s on iTunes and Spotify.