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The response to THIS IS GONNA HURT has been incredible!  Thank you for all of the amazing comments on Facebook, Twitter and right here at sixxammusic.com!!!  Your opinions and the discussions have been so inspiring.  In fact we’ve already had some great debates over at http://tinyurl.com/yfvrdh9 and i have no doubt that we’re just scratching the surface. I love that you are all starting to raise your voices and tell us about your personal experiences and how certain songs affect you or relate to you. This is exactly why we do what we do. I’m honored to have all of you in my life and I’m honored to be a part of yours! Love, James

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  1. michelle lepore says:

    no james thank you for your amazing voice that hyptonizes me…go on tour and come to philly…i’ll take you skydiving!!!!!!talk about an amazing rush

  2. kia says:

    oh, it’s such a beautiful album and it is us that should be honered!!!
    Love, Kia

  3. Duke says:

    This album is my life anthem. It makes me ponder my past, my present and what would/could be my future. Its a breath of fresh air… Febreez should consider using “this is gonna hurt” as a new scent!! haha

  4. Debbie says:

    James the entire CD is so beautiful and so meaningful. Seems like most of the music out right now is someones elses and unorginial. Thank you from the BOTTOM of my heart for this emotional and inspiring CD. I am addicted to it and cant express enough how much I hold it dear to my heart. Skin is the most brilliant song EVER written. xoxox

  5. Lorna Begg says:

    Guys the album is incredible. It is exactly what is needed to shake things up. Don’t get me wrong – I love all the projects all of you have been involved with or still are involved with but this album is just unreal!

    I have always loved you guys and write about you alot on site and we always get a huge response when something is put live. You have incredible fans and the way you use facebook and twitter shows how in touch with everyone you are. It is great to be able to talk to your idols like never before!

    You guys have set my back on the road to finishing my album and maybe someday in the future if things go the way I hope the will – we can jam at some stage :-)

    Much love to all 3 of you and all your team involved in making this happen :-)

  6. Lies Of The Beautiful People captured me from the start because I’m been judged a lot by others who didn’t accept me for who I am. But then I changed but not all the people have accepted the change.

    Skin is a song that really goes under the skin. I have some scares myself due to some surgeries. I didn’t cry but the song moved me deeply.

    And then there is the song Codependence I love because the message within the song is so damn strong “GO AND LIVE YOUR LIFE*! Go and live your life to the fullest. Don’t miss the chance to discover new things or change completely. Whatever you want to do don’t dare to let anybody stop you. Thank you for that song even if this one isn’t on the album

  7. Thank you, James! It was so sweet of you guys to end our torture & give us the iHeart link to listen to the songs a few days early before we could get the cd. TIGH is definitely something SIXX:A.M. should be proud of. Between your incredible vocals & the intense music, you guys truly created a masterpiece. Each song just grips you in so many different ways. I know you say you don’t consider yourself a singer, but your voice is truly a gift James, your range is amazing. Thanks for always being so good to your fans! :)

  8. Craig says:

    I am an English teacher in Brazil, and have used songs from The Heroin Diaries to help my students learn. I am looking forward to using songs from This Is Gonna Hurt!!

  9. I appreciate the opportunity to ponder it all over.haha. Thank you, James, you have the most beautiful voice. Your music rocks. Nikki is an inspiration to all of us. I can relate to so much and yet so little. I try to work on my own imperfections as should we all. (inside and out). Our bodies are our temples and we should not abuse them. Mind , body and spirit. Luv, Vicky

  10. Still waiting for my cd…Can’t wait!!!! But yesterday, coming back from my daughter’s school, I was listening to Life Is Beautiful…and it hit me again…Life really IS beautiful!!! But too many people don’t see it…
    Thank you again Nikki for this beautiful song (it really helped me get through hard times!!), James for your amazing voice (I just can’t express how it makes me feel!!) and DJ you are awesome too!! Put the 3 of you together and… :)

  11. Lisa Calladine says:

    Hi James, my mom has no idea what’s going on. I try to explain addiction, I try to explain why some people look diffrernt. She is so caught up in all “the Lies of the Beautiful People”, I hate her for it..I think she thought NikkiSixx’s book signing was gonna be one big orgy or something. I told her today, & everyday I will struggle & she said oh well u seem fine to me, just get over it already! Ha the biggest enabler & unconditional love? If life an’t confusing enough to deal with her lies. Thanku again for helping me heal & feel,even though it makes me cry. Hope to meet u someday or sing with you:) You all are inspirational to me, making being sober, cool! Love, Lisa

  12. Amy Ellsworth-Sbriglio says:

    You are just as wonderful as the other two.
    It’s easy to raise our voices when we have a safe and supportive place to do so. Thank you for your part, James. You are appreciated.

  13. Michelle Hunter says:

    Love the new Cd guys its hauntingly beautiful and very inspriring on many differen levels!! Many of us have scars that can not be seen, either emotionally or mental scars that have cut deep. There is always a bullet in the chamber when we do what is needed to better ourselves, to see past the surface of ourselves and others.There will always be someone who can not see past the surface, not for ingornace cause they haven’t learned the lessons or have the internal sight to see what you boys have put out there for everyone to see.
    Thank you for seeing it, writting it and putting out there for every one to see, espically they younger generation, ya the older generations to. It is much needed, craved.
    lol I can say Nikki, I remember when. It wonderful to see how much you have grown as a person, a man and a human !!! You lead by example I hope many see your example and learn from it too. This album the three of you have created is , leading by example. Thank you once again for a beautiful piece of work and telling the truth !

  14. Chris VanSant McGinnis says:

    you should be honored to have me in your life!!! lol. xo

  15. No doubt I’m spreading the word “THIS IS GONNA HURT” is something everyone need to check out!

  16. What a great message ….
    Thank you guys making waves, our society needs it.
    We must tell the world that this is not the right way and it is not too late… and if people understand it, things more serious will even change!!!

  17. I finally bought my CD for Sixx AM!!!!! I love the new album thank you James, DJ, and Nikki for your artistic talent, and musicality. You are all true genius!!!

  18. Carlos Vega says:

    This is an incredible follow up to the first album which was equally amazing. From the arrangements to the guitar work to the lyrics and dynamics it’s incredibly well done. The songs all tell stories which I love in music. The three of you are def meant to make music together hope to see you on tour soon and hear more in the future. Everyone I play the CD for has gone out and bought it!

  19. Rhonda Lawrie says:

    I love everything about both the book and cd. It has inspired me to stop hiding my disability and embrace it as it is a part of who I am. I am now looking into starting up a social/support group in my hometown (guess there was one years ago, but due to politics, it got shut down). Seriously…who the fuck shuts down a support group!! But no more….because now my voice will be heard, and when I feel low and need inspiration, I will listen to the cd and flip through the book!! Thank you for helping me to see that I AM BEAUTIFUL!!

  20. thank you James, so touching, I am honored to be a stardust, among the others, in your wonderful constellation. *hug* handsome artist. <3

  21. Sue says:

    Hi James! It’s us that feel honoured to have you, Nikki and DJ in our lives, inspiring us, always pushing the boundaries. The CD is on it’s way and I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the tracks. I love what tracks I’ve heard that have been available through youtube, and can’t wait to experience the rest. Your voice is incredible and I love your vocal range and the depth and artistic flamboyancy of the music is stunning. I loved Heroin Diaries but TIGH is such a classic masterpiece, a tribute to you all, and a breath of fresh air addressing the imbalance and misrepresentation of society.

  22. Rachel Ashley says:

    It’s amazing how this project has got so many people aware of each other. And i simply love the fact how you gave yourself to us with your music. How connected you are to us. I love the album it’s meaningful, it’s raw, it’s the truth. Society is a masked ball, with TIGH we all shall take our masks off and dance to your music. So Thank YOU for reminding us to be human again :)

  23. Hi James ~ I love the new SIXX: A.M. CD and your vocals are really strong. “Are You With Me” is one of my favorites.
    When the Heroin Diaries came out, I was a very heavy drinker and smoker. I could almost taste the impending doom that would soon find me. On May 9th last year I almost died from pneumonia caused by my excesses. The doctor’s said I had one foot in the grave and the other would soon follow. Fifteen days in the ICU and I was only 44 years old.
    I will be sober for one year now this weekend. Nikki’s books and SIXX: A.M. have been my rock to lean on over this last year and my Husband too! Thank you for making music that INSPIRES me to be a better person and enjoy life in a whole new way ~ Heather

  24. Your music is amazing, it saves lives…. This is gonna hurt is a real masterpiece…. Now your music became a part of me and my life… and thanks from the bottom of my heart for entering my life…

  25. I’m honored, in awe, and inspired to have the gift of voice at invitation! TIGH is the soundtract to my future!!! This body of work is so raw, soul searching, honest, and compelling that I can’t get it out of my head and feel it in my bones. The three of you are old souls compelled to grant your guidance to the world. If this is an honest representation of who you are as people, then I am convince that you are part of each other as well. Thank you from the depths of my soul for being so giving!!! xoxo

  26. Alicia Stay says:

    You are so sweet. Waiting for my CD. Should be here on the 11th. I have gave my opinion through the Itunes preview. I will have more to say after I listen to it on replay for the next couple weeks.

  27. Jeanie says:

    James – it’s you we have to thank….you and Nikki and DJ. I can honestly say this is the first album I’ve ever heard where I have loved every single song….each one touches me in different ways. I have been listening to it every day since I got my grubby little hands on it ;-) The connection you guys are able to form with the listeners is truly amazing. This album has been somewhat of an emotional call to arms for me…another kick in the ass…love it. And love you guys for putting your all into it….the emotions, the connection between you three shows in the end result. Thank you for this beautiful gift.

  28. RickG says:

    Nikki…I’ve been a fan of yours for 30 years…and it is so cool that you are still putting our fresh, relevant music. The new CD is amazing in its scope…the melodies, the vocals. DJ’s solos…kill. “Are You With Me Know”…great tune….trademark Sixx chorus. Awesome.

  29. Julie says:

    You guys did a fantastic job on the cd. The music is amazing. The heroin diaries was sensational, my husband and I both read the book and my husband quit drinking, thank you nikki. This new cd is very unique I love how you but the music together and how it goes with the book. Some of the songs have touch my heart in many different ways, but in good ways though, and what I have read of the book its wonderful. Congrats on your top 10. Can’t wait for the next one.

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