Nikki on Piers Morgan Tonight!

Nikki made an appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight this week to talk about the current state of the music industry, how its stars are treated and who should be held responsible.  Check out the clips below!

Nikki Sixx: ‘You are loved when you’re dead.”

Nikki Sixx on ‘Rock Docs’

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  1. Paul says:

    In short you have please got to come to England Manchester if possible If I was in a financial position I would be on the 1st flight out of here to see Sixx A.M.

  2. Sue says:

    I second that! Please guys come to Manchester UK. There’s a huge Sixx AM following in the UK. Nikki knows what a great crowd Manchester is and you won’t be disappointed. Shame I can’t come to Revolver’s Golden Gods, but aim to watch the live streamline.

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