Meet James Michael

Meet James Michael- a producer, mixer, songwriter, and the lead singer of SIXX: A.M.


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  1. Nancy Rich says:

    I’m early 50′s, vaguely remember Motley Crue and just introduced to alternative Rock. I so love your music! The lyrics are perfectly in-synch with my own experience and the melody and beat stay in my mind long after the song has ended. Thank you so very much for sharing your skill, your talent and your experience with us!

  2. Sue says:

    Love the interview and James talking about the diversity of the band and touring. The personal touch about his dad and his painting, great story, most things are never finished they’re just beginning. Hope one day the guys tour, so we can all see you perform live and encompass the energy, positivity and love from the fans that you all bring, please don’t forget the UK and Europe :)

  3. Todd says:

    You guys are awesome. The best voice in rock. Nikki is so not Sikki. Well…..maybe a little…. lol

  4. chance kern says:

    Ive never been more relaxed and happy when im listening to your music and it inspired me to start guitar lessons and now me and my neighbor and a fe other guys are starting a band and its been really aamazing ROCK ON!!!!!

  5. Corey Trombley says:

    james u r the reason i got into song writing. ur lyrics are just so deep n rich in emotion n how u arrange everything is just amazing. i wasnt really sure how to write songs before or if i wanted to risk writing some n singing n being judged by everyone but u gave me an unexpected blast of encouragement n now im in a band n ive written 93 songs now….n its all thanks to u so thank u so much n keep up the phenomenal work. u, nikki n ashba r the perfect combination

  6. Jocelyn Ipi Lopez says:

    I Love U Guys!!!

  7. Zac says:

    I love the new cd, the message it conveys is just amazing. It makes you realize how self centered people are, its an amazing album, keep up the awesome work.

  8. jacque says:

    think you guys kick ass – would love to meet you

  9. MJ says:

    Thanks for your music guys. Speaks to me everyday.Was a Crue fan since the opening days of Jack Murphy Stadium, but your music relates more to me now. Thanks.

  10. Andrew Crone says:

    In my humble opinion, This Is Gonna Hurt is the album of the year. Every song is brilliant. Brilliant lyrics, brilliant musicians, brilliant vocals. It is so good, l have had to stop playing it everyday of the week, so l don’t get sick of it, but it doesn’t matter what other music l play, l am always singing the songs in my head. l can’t rave enough about the band.

    Please come to Australia ASAP.

  11. alisa goldstein says:

    Thank you so much. You guys are cool as hell. Your messages in the lyrics couldn’t have been expressed any better than pure perfection. Your compassion, understanding, sincerity, coolness and ACTION reach unbelievable magnitudes. I am overwhelmingly grateful and thrilled, beyond belief, to have been blessed enough to hear this message and even more blessed to be able to respond with sincere gratitude and appreciation. True angels and hero’s. I can’t wait to hear your show one day. I will pray for you guys too. Creative geniuses with perfect tunes each different but individually outstanding. Every song is amazing. Thanks again. God Bless You, Aye

  12. Brtce Taylor says:

    I am a thirteen year old set on making a film to impress a film company purely for show not for money and I was wondering if I may use a song of yours for it (This is gonna hurt)

  13. Shaun says:

    Wow, James is an awesome person. God bless him and his father. That lesson his father taught him is a shocker, something to really look at :D

  14. D says:

    Hi…I’m From Iran… ”North Of Iran”

    Your Song ”Deadlihood” Is A Geart Song…
    This Is My Vote…

    The Best I Ever Could.

  15. D says:


    I Can’t Confirm Your Mail In My Country.
    Thanks For Glad Me.

    Your Way Is Continue…
    10/Jan/2012 2:10 A.M

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