Meet Dj Ashba

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  1. Aline Faghali says:

    Would love to meet DJ.Ashba.I meet him over 15 years ago,twice.I missed him .But he might dont remember me.We are friends on FB.<3 you.

  2. Blue Astrid says:

    Would really love to see you guys open for Guns N Roses along side Death and Taxes.

  3. Caressa says:

    Hey Dj just wanted to say I look up to you and nik BIG time as a person and musician!!! I hope to be a drummer for a band soon and hanging out with you guys. Y’all seem fun and nice! It would be a dream come true to meet and hang with you!!!!!!!!!!! I am probably one of your biggest fans.

  4. Caressa says:

    Forgot to say HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!!!! :D

  5. María Sol says:

    God, DJ, you can’t even imagine how strong are my feelings for you…You’re in my mind every day, really! I daily see your facebook ’cause I need to know about you, where you are, what you’re doing, how you’re feeling…My dream is to know you personally, I saw you in concert here in Argentina, but what I want is the possibility of a hug, a kiss, the possibility to tell you how much important are you to me. You make me happy, and I appreciate that too much. Thanks for existing! Latinoamérica is waiting for you guys! Kisses ;)

  6. Elizabeth Martinez says:

    I hope all is well with everyone! God Bless!

  7. Caity says:

    DJ, if Wikipedia is correct, we have the same birthday. Which I think is totally amazing! I just turned 21 this year. You are an amazing guitar player and I have to say I think it’s fucked up how Axl hogged all the airtime in the episode of “That Metal Show” you were on with him. It aired the day after our birthday, they should have mentioned it! (or at least let you get 2 words in.)

  8. Caity says:

    Also, I hope I get to meet you one day :)

  9. diard says:

    cela serait un grand honneur de le rencontrer mais aussi le reste du groupe continuez comme ca vous etes génial

  10. JamieNero Lynn says:

    Dj you and Nikki and James are the most beautiful people in the world to me and what you guys write makes me feel beautiful which is something i haven’t felt in 8 yrs and i’m 18 now so thank you for that. You guys brought me back to life.

    And you guys were right it did hurt to read that book and listen to that album. Not because of the subjects touched on but because it made me face a lot of my demons and issues that I’ve been struggling with for years.

    This has just been a really long way for me to say thank you and I love all three of you, you’re beautiful to me and I’m beautiful to me and that’s really that matters. <3 come to Edmonton soon please ;)

    • Ashleigh Fletcher says:

      That’s awesome! I LOOOOVE hearing ALL the many success stories these guys are responsible for! TIGH has inspired and helped sooo many! Through these guys, I’ve connected with the most fabulous people and am proud to share my own story…met a beautiful soul, who I now call my “Cyber Daughter” and am leaving tom. w/ my 8 yr. old to fly up to Indy to meet her and take her to 1st concert ever…GnR!!! Thanks Dj!

  11. Kristy Abney says:

    You guys rock!!!!!! Your songs have really deep meaning!!! I love it and it touches me.. thanks for the great music..

    love you guys

  12. Kim says:

    Saw you @ Bridgestone on 12/4. What a show. Not to mention we were right in front of the stage. It was the best concert I’ve seen in years. There is just so much talent the group brings to the table as a whole. The latest album proves everything. Keep up the great work! Rock on!

  13. Lex says:

    WE REALLY NEED TO HOOK UP AND HANG OUT ONE DAY!!! Would LOVE meet you but I’m sure everyone says that lol!!!! When I listen to Sixx am or any 80′s ROCK groups I just get this feeling that comes over me and wanna rock out and play my music! Well I hope you guys have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  14. Alexandra says:

    Just wanted to say how much I like both your albums. Any chance of releasing “7″ in Europe on CD? How about a tour in Germany? I haven´t been to any concerts for ages. But this sure would be a reason to go. Take care of yourselves! LY

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